Provisional Programme

We have built a programme of events geared towards a fun , safe learning environment. With this in mind we have split these into categories to better your understanding of what’s on offer. We will try to ensure that you can do the sessions you prefer, but we may need to adapt things on the day due to weather or numbers;

All the gear and a bit of an idea…. (improver); For those that are comfortable on an organised trips in relatively calm conditions (Sea state 2-3)

This is Swell (Intermediate); Aimed at competent members of as lead group, looking to improve their skills. (Sea state 3-4)

Show me the rough and race (Hard); For kayakers that are comfortable in more challenging conditions and want to push themselves to learn and experience more.

Saturday 14th September

FUNdamentals:  refresh on basics

Paper to paddle:  Navigation

Got wind? Managing windy conditions

Get me out of here? Towing and Rescue

Let’s get Racey: Tide races – you need to be keen!

Rock Out!!! Rockhopping- avoiding the rocks?

Sunday 15th September

Au Natural: Day Paddle, enjoy the great outdoors

The girls guide to the outdoors:  Expedition planning

Love and learn: The wet stuff, you and your kayak

The fancy stuff: Techniques; bow rudder, stern rudder, hanging draws

No Problemo:  Finding the solution; incident management

Let’s get Racey: Tide races – you need to be keen!


FUNdamentals:  refresh on basics:  For those that are looking for an easy but rich in learning day on the water.  In this workshop we will be working on refreshing basic skills including good posture, edging and turning whilst enjoying a relaxing fun filled day.

Paper to paddle:  Navigation. For those who are aspiring leaders, want to refresh their skills or become competent members of a group.This workshop is to learn or refresh theoretical and practical navigation skills,; where you will be able to practice your skills both in the classroom and on the water.

Au Natural: Day Paddle, enjoy the great outdoors. All these workshops look great, but you just want to have an enjoyable day on the water lead by a qualified leader. A relatively relaxed day, experiencing the sights around Anglesey where you might catch the smiling seal, seabirds and other wildlife along with unique geology and ecosystems.

The girls guide to the outdoors:  Expedition planning.  A great opportunity to learn from the ladies that have spent hours and hours in the outdoors. How do we do it? How do we make it look easy?  Learning how to deal with unique challenges on trips and expedition planning.

Got wind? Managing windy conditions: Focusing on skills and tactics to make your life easier in windy conditions. Going into detail of forward paddling, edging and turning the boat in more challenging conditions.

Get me out of here? Towing and Rescue: Get ready to get wet, use those towlines and contact tows that are still in their wrappers!! Focusing on dealing with a capsized kayaker,  using a variety of scenarios where participants will get the feel for being rescued and doing the rescuing.

Love and learn: The wet stuff, you and your kayak. Increase your water and boat confidence by really getting to know your kayak in moderate conditions. The aim of this session is to learn different practical ways of getting in and out of your kayak, have some fun, jump around and get wet.

The fancy stuff: Technique bow rudder, stern rudder, hanging draws. Focusing on the skills for those with a bit of patience to keep trying and learn. To finesse your skills, do that fancy move where your whole boat goes sideways, manoever in and out of the rocks, then this workshop is for you.

Let’s get Racey: Tide races – you need to be keen!  For those that are comfortable in moderate water and are looking for a challenge. Some of you may have been in tide races before, and for some it may be your first experience, but together you will practice technical skills and be introduced to tide races. Participants must be confident in rescuing and being rescued in moderate conditions.

Rock Out!!! Rockhopping- avoiding the rocks? For paddlers confident in moderate conditions where they are happy capsizing and rescuing one another. Get up close, but not personal with the coastline, nice and close to those rocks – remembering the point is to not crash into them!! Using a variety of skills and techniques you will be manoeuvering your boats between gaps, reading the water and going with the flow.

No Problemo:  Find the solution; incident management For those who are already leaders and aspiring leaders, we can never have enough tools in that tool box!  Practice different incidents that may happen while you are responsible for a group on the water and work together to overcome challenges.

Each group will consist of a maximum of 6 participants to ensure a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

Whilst we endeavor to provide the events you would prefer, weather conditions and numbers may require an amendment to the program on the day.