Meet the team

 Ashley Williams, is an inspirational female coach based on Anglesey.

Ashley started kayaking when she moved to Norway in 2010. She stumbled across a job working in a camp school where kayaking and canoeing were lead activities, so she soon became introduced to the water.  Having grown up on the coast of Wales already having passion for the sea, Ashley quickly found her new passion for kayaking.

After a year or two of paddling in the Fjords she found that there is a whole world of sea kayaking out there, a lot to discover and learn. She got introduced to the BC system and started to dedicate time to climbing the ladders.

She has spent time exploring the coast of Norway, Anglesey, Ireland and Costa Brava, holding courses, and coaching freelance for different clubs and organisations. Ashley now living in Anglesey is working closely with her local canoe club, Anglesey Paddlers and has a few development groups in the north east of England.

Ashley is a BC 5* Sea Leader & UKCC L2 coach with moderate water endorsement.

Dawn Brankley, is a novice paddler, however has a passion for sea kayaking and hopes to help bring a female paddling community together with the rest of the team.

Dawn first paddled in Girl Guides, and has revisited this early encounter over the past 2 years and has enjoyed learning the skills for Sea Kayaking. A friend set up a female only paddle in summer 2018 and whilst she never considered mixed paddling a barrier to her entry into the sport, she thoroughly enjoyed the different dynamics this brought to the group. This bore a whisper of an idea, along with her friends which became the ‘Ladies Seas the Day’ weekend event.

Dawn has WWSR BC qualification and is an aspiring 3* Sea Kayaking candidate

Olivia Oldham, has been paddling since 2015. 

The Conway Ascent was the first Sea Kayaking trip Olivia took part in, she loved the experience (especially the coaster and cheese sandwich). This experience opened up the open sea and she regularly paddles in Anglesey, most recently with an all female group to support peer paddling and aims to become a paddling mentor herself. In July 2017 she circumnavigated Menorca, a beautiful island in the Balearic’s, with wild camping on the beaches, stunning views and uninhabited private beaches. More recently in summer 2018, Olivia paddled some of the west coast of Iceland, another wonderful trip including Northern Lights, alas it was very cold.

Olivia has Coastal navigation qualification and WWSR (Per Dawn- not a lot else to write home about).

Coaches corner; All of our Coaches are British Canoeing certified. Further details to follow.